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About Diversity IT

Your server crashes. Maybe it’s the middle of the day, maybe it’s the weekend, maybe it’s the middle of the night. As an IT professional, you know that every minute counts.

The whirlwind of thoughts inside your head goes like this: Can I keep downtime to a minimum? Is the coverage we have flexible enough to fix this problem? Does our maintenance company have the right people to get us back up and running quickly? Will they show up when I call?

To all those questions, we have one answer: YES.

Whether it is restoring the OS, applications, and IT infrastructure, or troubleshooting other maintenance issues, we are right there beside you. We know that “Time is money” isn’t a cliché, it is the truth, and we want to help you keep your business moving while keeping maintenance costs down. 

Are you getting close to the end of a warranty? Our maintenance contracts are often cheaper than warranty renewals. What if you have products that are at the end of their service life, but you aren’t sure you are ready for a complete upgrade? Buy yourself some time with a maintenance contract, and know that you are getting your money’s worth out of your existing system while you plan for your upgrade or move.

We cover all major data center brands. We have experience with everything from x86 servers to UNIX-based systems and large storage arrays from EMC to Cisco networking products. 

Customize your coverage. Do you need a 24/7 4-Hour response, get-it-done-now plan? We can do that. Or maybe next-day service works for you. We can do that too. Want something in between? We’ll talk it over and create the best plan at the best price, and you can adjust your coverage at any time.

Please contact us today to learn more.